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Welcome to my web site.

A truly eclectic set of images aimed at those with an existentialist out look on life – or something like that. They’re pictures I’ve taken as I’ve stumbled through life. These images are not fine art that might qualify for a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society (too right, I hear some of you say). Many of the images are from Eday, one of the Orkney Islands and the rest are pictures from around the World; they are observational or documentary. I like to think they're OK, not arty - just observed. I’ve been taking photographs for over thirty years although these are mainly recent attempts. I have no formal training (that’s obvious, I can hear some people think) but I have attended a few courses.

My photographic experience ranges from normal colour and monochrome film through infra-red film to electron microscopy, thermal imaging and low light level digital photographic imaging.

Currently I use a Canon 40D. For prints I’m using CS5 viewed via a ColorEdge CG222W monitor printed on an Epson R3000 using Perma Jet Image-Life inks.

This little chap (although he wasn’t actually that small) is a fruit bat on the Indonesian Island of Bintan.

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